Dreaming of a luxurious holiday or romantic honeymoon, but don’t think you can afford it?

Well, start packing your bags now.


Bermimpi Bali means dreaming of Bali. If that’s what you’ve been doing lately and work is starting to get you down, but saving for a holiday can feel like near impossible and completely out of reach, then why not consider our Lay-by as a way of staying in one of our private villas, much sooner than you had ever imagined possible.

Do you wish that you could just pull the money out of a hat to pay for a well deserved Bali vacation but by the time the bills, the school fees, rates accounts keep rolling in, there’s very little left for you? Bermimpi Bali Villas has come up with a unique ACCOMMODATION LAY-BY PLAN that helps you get the holiday you want, when you want it, and with little financial strain.

We completely understand how hard it is to save for that dream romantic vacation, a well needed family break or a week away soaking up the sun. Booking your holiday accommodation online now, with the option to add tours or romantic inspirations to your booking just before check-out, means that by the time you’re ready to getaway to sunny Bali, it’s already paid for and you can relax, sit back and look forward to having a fantastic time with that special person, family or friends.

With our Bali holiday or honeymoon accommodation lay-by plan, you pay us each week or even each month, up to twelve months in advance of your arrival date, and we’ll not only guarantee your booking but help you get here quicker with our fixed price guarantee, leaving you feeling safe in the assurance that your holiday price is fixed and cannot increase. You now have time to save for a holiday or honeymoon in Bali that is debt free, stress free and of course, interest free. It’s as simple as that. With our very simple Lay-By plan, there are NO booking fees and NO hidden extras, just a simple and flexible ACCOMMODATION LAY BY HOLIDAY PLAN that takes the pain out of planning a fantastic holiday to Bali.

How Our Lay-By Plan Works

• To take advantage of our Lay-by Plan, you must set up your Lay-by plan at least 3 months in advance (up to 12 months in advance) of your arrival date in Bali

• Minimum total booking amount is USD $1000. See our Lay-By Terms and Conditions

• A 35% deposit of the full amount is required at the time of booking online. As soon as we have received your booking, we will send you an email asking you how you would like us to set up your payment plan e.g., weekly or monthly instalments. We will set up your account and send your your payment schedule. Its so easy!!

• If you wish, enhance your holiday by adding some day trips or Inspirational Extras to your booking.

• You decide whether weekly or monthly re-payments via credit card works best for you

• Instalments are automatically processed in accordance with your payment schedule

• Final payment must be received 14 days prior to check in date

Availability & Lay-By Now

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